Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trip Around the World- Geography

For my trip around the world for geography I decided to base mine on music. To start off I decided to start off in London where my favourite band/artist was born. Her name is Natasha Khan but her band/ stage name is Bat for Lashes. Her music genre that she plays is very indie/pop/techno. She has a Pakistani father and an English mother.
The band that she plays with isn't really an official kind of band, there more used for her concerts and live shows. So far she has only released 2 albums: Fur and Gold (2006) and Two Suns (2009). My favourite song from her first album has to be " Whats a girl to do?" and my favourite songs from her second album are: "Daniel", "Siren Song" and "Pearls Dream".

My second destination is Australia, Sydney. I went from London to Australia because Bat for Lashes are playing a concert in the Sydney Opera House and I looked up a popular show or act that might be playing there. So I found Top of the Pops. But this Top of the Pops isn't the famous music show that we know of. This is a group of really talented classical music players who are putting on a show on the 29th of May this year. The reason why their performance is called Top of the Pops is because they are playing popular melodies from such composers like Beethoven and Schubert.

So then fro my third destination I went back to London to discover where the original Top of the Pops music TV show was made. It began to show on TV on a weekly bases from the year of 1964-2006. The only songs they played on this music show was no.1 hits in the music charts. A few exceptions were made to let songs play that weren't top in the charts at the time. They were one of the longest running television shows ever. In their last episode one of the final songs to of been played was Shakiras "Hips Don't Lie".

This then brings me to Columbia, where Shakira was born. She started making it into the Latin American and Colombian music scene around the early 1990's. She plays a big range of musical instruments, some which I'd never heard of before. Shakira's had many hits, some of her most popular songs are "Hips don't Lie" and " She Wolf". One of the last places Shakira is going to play is in New York City. So that's where I decide to go next in my trip.

Lastly I decided to do my final place in New York and I did it on the well-known band called Vampire Weekend. Their kind of style of music is indie rock. Theirs four members in the band: Rostam Batmanglij, Ezra Koenig, Chris Tomson and Chris Baio. They've released 2 albums so far, their first one was named after themselves and the second one was called Contra.

And that's the end of my Geography trip :)

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  1. Good work Fiona. I would have liked a bit more geography though.

    Interesting fact about the TOTP in Sydney!

    Mrs L